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Milk proteins shampoo

Cleans and moisturizes without weighing your hair down. Contains moisturizing vegetal extracts that bring your hair back to ideal moisture conditions and leave it smooth, flexible and stable.


Keratin shampoo

Soft shampoo with restorative properties based on the action of keratin. Cleans hair in depth leaving a final silky and shiny look.

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Oriental oils shampoo

Rich and nourishing shampoo with revitalizing active ingredients for hair.Improves elasticity for a stronger and healthier hair. Deeply seals and restores hair.


Shea butter shampoo

Shampoo with sea butter that provides shine to hair. Performs actively against dryness on hair.

Champú anticaspa

Anti-dandruff shampoo

Shampoo with active ingredients efficient to eliminate and prevent dandruff almost permanently.

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